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The schedule above begins 10/1/19

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Class Descriptions

Supernovas: Parent & Me (Ages 18 months – 3 years)
These fun classes explore the fundamentals of gymnastics movement and strengthening through basic tumbling skills, games and music.  Parents (or caretakers) learn how to properly hold, spot and assist their child in a variety of exciting tumbling, balance and agility skills on the bars, balance beam, floor, trampoline and vault.

TumbleStars (Ages 3 – 5)
Students learn gymnastics foundations through strength skills, flexibility skills, obstacle courses and by utilizing several apparatus such as bars, balance beam, vault, floor and trampoline.  This class prepares students for our Mini Acro Stars classes, leading into our acrobatics program. Tumbling Stars build skills in the areas of balance, strength, agility, and flexibility.

Mini AcroStars (Ages 5 – 7)
This class prepares students to enter our acrobatics program by providing the fundamentals for acrobatic movement and tumbling.  Students will focus primarily on floor and trampoline with occasional skills taught on bars, balance beam and vault centered on strength, coordination and balance. Additionally, this class teaches gymnastics fundamentals and technique.  Students who successfully complete all Mini Acro Stars skills (approximately 1 – 3 years of training) will have the opportunity to continue on to Acro Stars (see description below) or may enter into the PAAM School acrobatics program (intermediate – advanced classes) upon completion.

AcroStars (Ages 7 – 10):
An acrobatics only focus, students learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastics skills with an emphasis on balance, strength and flexibility. Unlike a traditional gymnastics class, acro does not employ the use of large apparatus, such as balance beam and bars.  Most work is done on mats, with various props and apparatus used to build strength, agility and coordination.  Upon completion of all skills required at the Acro Stars level, students are encouraged to enter into the PAAM School acrobatics program.

AcroStars II (Ages 7 – 10)

AcroStars II master their skills and achieve a higher level of performance, and a deeper understanding of flips, jumps, and acrobatic feats. Students will complete short combinations of skills both in their mat work, and spend time on the balance beam and high bar. Building balance, strength, and flexibility are a core part of the AcroStars II program. Student will also have fun trying out choreography to music as an introductory step to acro performance. Upon completion of all skills required at the AcroStars II level, students are encouraged to enter into the PAAM School acrobatics program.

Activity Blast-Off (Ages 4 – 6)
Cognitive learning on the go! Activity blast off incorporates story telling with physical activities and active learning adventures. Dance, gymnastics, story telling, and fort building are all part of the journey to smarter minds and stronger bodies. This interdisciplinary experience allows children to explore their own interests, make friends, and have fun!

Parkour Obstacle Challenge (Ages 5-8)

Parkour it the perfect way to get out that extra energy, while building strength and agility. Jump, balance, roll, and vault skills start at floor level and build up to a Parkour obstacle course that allows students to work within their ability set, while safely challenging their limits. Martial art skills are incorporated into the warm-up to put a little extra kick in their day!

2019 – 2020 Gym Closures (No Classes):

September 2nd (Labor Day), October 31st (Halloween), November 25th – 30th (Thanksgiving), December 23rd – January 5th (Winter Break), February 15th – 17th (President’s Day), May 25th (Memorial Day)